MSU Telecasters was founded in 1954. It is a student run organization that is made up of seven different television shows ranging from comedy to drama, satirical journalism to journalism, and live-production to film style production. MSU Telecasters is the second largest student organization at Michigan State University. It is comprised of a plethora of students from around the university’s campus. Our goal is to provide an environment that allows for students to help other students grow professionally and socially.

Telecasters is an opportunity for students to meet their best friends, mentors, future employers, and to network. We are an organization that not only creates everlasting bonds amongst its members, we are a pre-professional environment that prepares its members for the real world once they graduate. As an organization we hope to grow exponentially as the years progress in order to achieve a prestigious level of talent and production, in addition, a brand that is known throughout the world.